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    PID CategorySeverityStatusReporterUpdated Summary
  00094764   minor
resolved (ccw)
Walid_2018-02-21guiCreateMemo can't type some languages into memo boxes
  00094941   minor
resolved (ccw)
dugasz12018-02-21Screenshot rendertarget stuck in memory
  00093365   minor
resolved (ccw)
Drakath2018-02-21MTA sometimes fails at loading custom textures
  00093396   minor
resolved (ccw)
einheit-1012018-02-21attachElements() 1-frame lag when "a lot" of elements are attached
  00091616   major
resolved (sbx320)
Jusonex2018-02-21Use proper build system
  00091023   trivial
resolved (qaisjp)
StifflersMom2018-02-21setTrainPosition issues ( 1.6 )
  00090003   minor
resolved (qaisjp)
qaisjp2018-02-21Move CLuaFunctionDefinitions to CLuaPlayerDefs (etc)
  00093101   minor
resolved (ccw)
arranTuna2018-02-21A connecting player can block a resource from starting
  00066224   feature
resolved (Talidan)
W2018-02-21water elements are dimensionless
  000921012   minor
resolved (qaisjp)
johnflower2018-02-21Pretty JSON
  00091271   crash
resolved (qaisjp)
qaisjp2018-02-21Stealth killing a clientside ped causes a crash
  00091732   major
resolved (mabako)
mabako2018-02-21onClientBrowserNavigate is triggered for <iframe> elements
  00062701   feature
resolved (Jusonex)
lil_Toady2018-02-21Make lua clear loaded files when dereferenced
  000018217   minor
resolved (qaisjp)
jhxp2018-02-21Vehicle sirens/lights not flashing when on ground
[Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas]  Synchronization
resolved (sbx320)
Tosfera2018-02-21Vehicle door/component desync on vehicle stream-in/out
[Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas]  GUI / Menus / Console
resolved (qaisjp)
robhol2018-02-21Chatbox: nick autocompletion
   00090594   feature
resolved (Jusonex)
SDK2018-02-21[Request] flashMTAWindow
  000319024   minor
resolved (ccw)
mekorea2018-02-21Dummy misplacement on custom vehicles
  00058072   feature
resolved (Talidan)
GhOsT[X]2018-02-21onClientVehicleStartEnter [Cancel Event]
  00092432   minor
resolved (Talidan)
haron4igg2018-02-20onElementStopSync doesn't triggered when player disconnects.
  000900710   minor
resolved (Talidan)
joaosilva0992018-02-20Formatting bug when adding rows to a sorted gridlist
  00043192   minor
resolved (lopezloo)
mabako2018-02-20Driver lying on the ground when being jacked from passenger door and space pressed
  00096646   minor
resolved (Necktrox)
arranTuna2018-02-20There is no way to see if a ped is reloading
  0009799    feature
assigned (Necktrox)
TGpieT2018-01-07[REQUEST] Discord Rich Presence integration
  00097871   minor
resolved (ccw)
asturel2018-01-04Self-compiled server crash on callRemote
  00097092   crash
resolved (ccw)
Sergeanur2018-01-04fetchRemote crash
  00097451   major
resolved (ccw)
thisdp2018-01-02dxGetTextWidth returns wrong width of text
  000977413   block
resolved (ccw)
haron4igg2018-01-02Windows crash (BSOD) when connecting to servers
  00097802   feature
Sasuke*2017-12-07[Request] Let clients disable CEF
  00096632   feature
eveneme2017-11-21Texture editor in map editor
  0009761    feature
CrosRoad952017-11-15[Request] Auto calc position of ColShape.Polygon
  00095304   crash
resolved (ccw)
Drakath2017-11-11Server crashed when using the 'upgrade' command
  0009759    feature
CrosRoad952017-11-11[Request] Save build-in mta account into mysql
  00095732   minor
resolved (qaisjp)
CrosRoad952017-11-07Variable .handling return false
  00092614   feature
codylewiz2017-10-28[Request] removeWorldModel dimension argument
  0009748    feature
Xabache2017-10-23Client Resolutions
  0009746    feature
CrosRoad952017-10-21[Request] Exporting classes
  00095074   minor
resolved (qaisjp)
qaisjp2017-10-08OOP getVehicleComponentRotation (and related functions) should return/accept vectors
  00096946   feature
evgen11372017-10-06Total resource size column in the server list
  00091922   crash
resolved (lopezloo)
StifflersMom2017-10-02createProjectile with train models causes client crash
  000827215   minor
resolved (lopezloo)
rbxf2342017-10-02After killing ped with sniper, scope disappears
[Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas]  Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas
resolved (lopezloo)
Sam@ke2017-10-02Self created water becomes invisible in higher z-offsets
  00092273   minor
resolved (lopezloo)
xnikoxd2017-10-02Fire Extinguisher (ID: 42) doesnt trigger onPedWasted
   00081584   trivial
resolved (lopezloo)
Jajcasz2017-10-02setVehiclePlateText doesn't seem to change visual plate texture on most (if not all) motorcycles.
  00080824   minor
resolved (lopezloo)
arranTuna2017-10-02Custom weapons don't fully work with onClientPlayerDamage
  00087581   feature
Dutchman1012017-09-28[Request] Ability to set aircraft-blow properties
  00097322   minor
Adiidas2017-09-07When attempting to enter an empty vehicle, the player is counted as if he were already an occupant of it
  00097304   feature
haron4igg2017-09-04[Request] Server Logs Rotation Period
  00097141   feature
CrosRoad952017-08-24[Request] Event for detect if player focus or not mta window
  0009715    feature
CrosRoad952017-08-22[Request] Option to make trailers and tractor with each vehicle