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0009879New Feature RequestsGeneralpublic2018-07-24 11:40
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Summary0009879: [Request] Modules ability to change loaded code ( client && server side )

Simple request, i want simple event/function which allow to change loaded code in fly, example i start resource asdf with script client.lua ( client side script ) then using magic function in module i can change source of this file ( before file become send to client ).

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2018-06-20 23:08

reporter   ~~0026563

Modules arent available client-side.
The script (client.lua) is loaded in the memory of the server(This is why you need to restart the resource when you changed the script's source). This is then sent to the clients.
Its probably loaded into the memory because of what i said(restart thing) and because its much faster to store it in the memory, otherwise you would need to read it every time a client connects.

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