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0009865New Feature RequestsGeneralpublic2018-07-24 11:40
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Summary0009865: [Request] function call stack when error/warning appear like c++ style

I request option to show call stack if debugscript = 4, this can be very useful ( function, script, arguments ).
in server.log could appear if this enabled in config.
And becose this logs can be huge ( for example 50+ functions ), then should be added another command to show gui with selected call stack.

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2018-05-10 16:03

viewer   ~~0026519

You can implement that yourself using debug.traceback()


2018-05-10 16:07

reporter   ~~0026520

I want to SAVE my time insted of WASTE my time by adding this in every script


2018-05-23 19:36

viewer   ~~0026535

Only because you are lazy it doesnt mean that MTA add it. You can add it manually for debug purposes. If you want to know when which function was called, you can use "addDebugHook" to save you "time"

  • LuXorioN


2018-05-23 21:55

reporter   ~~0026536

Easy debugging and the dev tooling in general are the most important parts of any programming environment. Sadly, MTA really sucks at this matter and is absolutely unfriendly even for experienced developers who just happen to come from different (both modern and old) tech stacks. Of course you can implement everything by yourself if you have enough knowledge. You can reinvent the wheel over and over again as well, but what's the point? This time and energy can be used in much more productive ways. Any feature that can make Lua development in MTA even a little bit more pleasant should be taken into consideration :)


2018-05-23 22:44

administrator   ~~0026537

I'd also like to point out test-driven development, perhaps that could be your other method of scripting in Lua and debug your code easier.


2018-05-24 16:13

viewer   ~~0026538

As far as i know, Jusonex already started working on some debugging Tools for MTA:SA

  • LuXorioN

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