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0009807Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasScriptingpublic2018-08-01 21:05
ReporterCrosRoad95 Assigned ToCrosRoad95  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.5.5 
Target Version1.5.6Fixed in Version1.5.6 
Summary0009807: [Request] Remove teleport under map and event for it

When you fall under map ~100m you become teleported on street.
I request world property for function setWorldSpecialPropertyEnabled which can disable this
and event which is called when someone fall under map

Steps To Reproduce

fall under map

Additional Information

i find this on rw-mp discrod

void Fallen_Teleport(float x, float y, float z) {
    RakNet::BitStream bsData;
    pNetGame->GetRakClient()->RPC(RPC_UnderMapTeleport, &bsData, HIGH_PRIORITY, RELIABLE, 0, false);

NUDE CGame__RemoveFallenPeds() {
    static float mX, mY, mZ;
    static PED_TYPE *pPed;

    _asm mov edx, [eax]
    _asm mov mX, edx // Get X coord from node.
    _asm mov edx, [eax+4]
    _asm mov mY, edx // Get Y coord from node.
    _asm mov edx, [eax+8]
    _asm mov mZ, edx // Get Z coord from node.
    _asm mov edx, esi
    _asm mov pPed, edx // Get actor to compare local player actor. If its the same, teleport and send update, else don't.

    if (pNetGame && pNetGame->GetPlayerPool() && pPed == pNetGame->GetPlayerPool()->GetLocalPlayer()->GetPlayerPed()->GetGtaActor()) {
        Fallen_Teleport(mX, mY, mZ);
        pNetGame->GetPlayerPool()->GetLocalPlayer()->GetPlayerPed()->TeleportTo(mX, mY, mZ);

    _asm retn 16 // Spmn: stack cleanup

InstallCallHook(0x565E3B, (DWORD)CGame__RemoveFallenPeds); // For under world map teleportation.
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