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0009780New Feature RequestsGeneralpublic2017-12-07 00:18
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Summary0009780: [Request] Let clients disable CEF

Hey! After seeing that users who have PC with low requirements crashed because of CEF, it would be good if that could be disabled. By disabling CEF, createBrowser and guiCreaterBrowser won't have effects.

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2017-12-07 00:04

manager   ~~0026335

And what if a server uses CEF for login or register? If someones PC crashes because of CEF they should avoid using scripts that are causing it to crash.


2017-12-07 00:18

viewer   ~~0026336

There could be a function like isCEFEnabled to check and decide wether or not use DX instead of that, or whatever they want. Anyway, most of the servers use cef for irrelevant things like Youtube or browse the forums, in different resources so they would need to edit every one of them, and this could be annoying for them.
Another solution is to add a setting in mtaserverconf to let them disable or not.

The problem is not the script but CEF itself, because when I crash (even me whose pc has high requirements) it mentions something about cef.

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