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Summary0009748: Client Resolutions

On other Multiplayers I am able to turn my 27" monitor vertically so it is 14" wide and 27" tall and their clients give me all screen resolution options, once I have set my video card display vertically. Allowing me to choose 1024x768 screen resolution for two MP clients, stacking them one above the other on that desktop to in effect replicate two monitors, displaying two MPs on one screen.

Steps To Reproduce

Enter the MTA client.. but it does not allow its common resolutions such as 1024x768 to be displayed once you select in video control panel > rotate display > portrait. MTA client displays instead a different set of resolutions with no option to show all resolutions, it instead offers 768x1024 a vertical portrait resolution and not the common landscape resolution choices i need such as 1024x768 which would be typical among all other MPs i use and in this case needed.

Additional Information

I am certain this is a simple fix, Offer all options for all display rotation orientations, or show an unrecommended resolutions switch box that will do the same, but i need this very soon as I am trying to decide right now if I should buy another 27" monitor for this exact purpose or if I need to buy two smaller monitors because MTA doesn't offer this feature. I asked this question 6 months ago in forums to no resolution. I hope you can resolve this quickly please.

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