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Summary0009733: Allow setVehicleHandling on client-side

I'd suggest to make setVehicleHandling on client-side too. If it was problem with sync or something, then just allow it only for client-side vehicles (which aren't syncable).
This feature would allow us to create static or simple bots that don't require much attention on sync with other players.

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has duplicate 0009845 closed New issues Add client-side setVehicleHandling 



2017-09-08 22:17

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Necktrox made a custom MTA build (based on a much older 1.5.4) some time ago with Client sided setVehicleHandling()
We sadly had no real chances to make sync tests because we didn't have a real Server (the custom build requires Windows Server)
We only connected one times to each other with Evolve but it took too much time in Evolve to connect to a Party so we didn't found much time, but on this first tests it did not look like dsync

Client sided setVehicleHandling would give a lot of new possibilities, because you don't need to worry about ping anymore

I know it's also a bit critical about script security when some People have "Hacked MTA Clients"


2017-09-25 21:42

viewer   ~~0026206

" I know it's also a bit critical about script security when some People have 'Hacked MTA Clients' "

i thinked about this there are still setElementVelocity and setVehicleTurnVelocity which hacked Clients can use so it irrelevant


2017-11-12 20:12

viewer   ~~0026287

had not much time to think in the last weeks

here is the custom build which necktrox made a half year back:


if you can open up a Server on Windows then we could make full network tests


2018-07-08 06:56

administrator   ~~0026647


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