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Summary0009663: Texture editor in map editor

I've been using MTA Map Editor ever since it was released, and actually never thought I would ever have to ask for it, because I assumed it would be implemented at some point eventually. Anyway, this is something that would really make a huge difference when it comes to map-making. An equivalent of samp's texture studio script is all I ask for. In case you never heard of it- it allows you to preview, set and customize objects textures.

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Replying 'bump' isn't going to get anyone to notice it any sooner. If you can provide a patch for the issue, it can get added. This isn't going to get fixed overnight by any stretch either, this project doesn't have very many people working on resources, especially bloated ones such as the map editor. You could probably request such a feature on the forums as well. Mantis is mostly used for bug reports.

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