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0009640New Feature RequestsGeneralpublic2017-06-18 20:54
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Summary0009640: [REQUEST] Add function makePedTalk ( ped, talkType, talkID )

in MTA, when you touch, hit or set other player on fire, his ped character speaks/screams, etc. It would be very cool if we can also make peds/players talk by script in situation we want to.

Steps To Reproduce

Example: makePedTalk ( ped/player, talkType, talkID )

talkType: the type of speech - scared, happy, angry, burning on fire, etc
talkID: all 'mood' categories mentioned above have more sentences and SA chooses one random which is played. If not defined, it could play random one, if defined, it plays the requested one. All skins probably doesn't have same count of phrases, so there must be some "overflow protection" example: script says play phrase 6 but current ped has only 4 phrases - owerflow by 2, so it plays phrase 2

Additional Information

This feature would be very useful for RP servers, and it can also be a lot of fun

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2017-05-17 13:17

reporter   ~~0025956

"Gentle pal, I know how to use this stick."


2017-05-18 21:36

viewer   ~~0025966

I'm pretty sure that it could be accomplished using playSFX.

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