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Summary0009512: [Request] setWeaponProperty "maximum_clip_ammo" client side

I would like to request the setWeaponProperty function - maximum_clip_ammo on the client side! Because I'm really missing it! I need to change to the player the maximum ammunition of the weapon only. Please put this function on the client side!

Steps To Reproduce

function ClipAmmoWeapon(WeaponID, Clip)
setWeaponProperty(WeaponID, "pro", "maximum_clip_ammo", Clip)
setWeaponProperty(WeaponID, "poor", "maximum_clip_ammo", Clip)
setWeaponProperty(WeaponID, "std", "maximum_clip_ammo", Clip)

ClipAmmoWeapon(30, 100) -- AK 47 / 100 Max Clip Ammo

The weapon returns as "invalid string" using on the client side.

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2016-12-27 22:08

manager   ~~0025576

Depending on how sync works, might cause desync if remote players think that player has ran out of ammo and needs to reload.


2016-12-28 01:41

viewer   ~~0025580

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Do not you have any way to fix it? Letting reload only when the player actually reloads without the other players making predictions?

This function on the client side is very useful!

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