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0009450New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-06-18 20:54
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Summary0009450: [Request] Option to hide annoying "Nvidia Optimus detected!" message

Whenever i want to open MTA:SA this annoying popup message shows up and wants me to select an option. No matter what option i choose, MTA runs fine and the message keeps coming.

My Laptop doesnt even support Optimus tbh. GTX 1070 is running 24/7.

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2016-11-04 18:02

updater   ~~0025370

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There should just be a 'save choice' tickbox, so it keeps automaticly choosing your once-choice that works fine.

Then if MTA detects someday it doesn't run well or fails to launch few times in a row, recover the menu push by auto-removing the remember option to give them a chance reconsidering the choice if that causes the issues.


2016-11-05 02:06

reporter   ~~0025371

Exactly this.

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