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0009440New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-06-18 20:54
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Summary0009440: [Request] Increase amount of water planes possible.

Working on map and I'm running into an issue of hitting the water limit, the map I am working on need 127 water bits to accurately cover it, but for some reason MTA is not creating all of them, although SA has 307, and the hard limit is 1021.

Not sure if maybe there's another limit behind MTA or something though.

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Uploaded file is a show of what I'm trying to cover (Blue = Water) this is an in game shot generated from the water files so I know I'm not missing any bits.

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2016-10-28 03:59

viewer   ~~0025351

Was able to fix by resetting each waters position,
by setting it's position to it's position if that makes any sense.

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