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Summary0009415: [Request] createVehicle, createCol* dimension argument

Should be handy especially for createVehicle so the car doesn't need to show for a split second to players before setting to another dimension.

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2016-10-04 20:20

developer   ~~0025299

Create the vehicle outside the map, change the dimension and set the correct position. If you really insist on adding a parameter to the function then argue well.


2016-10-05 16:39

viewer   ~~0025300

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Are you creating the car in the server?

If so, and if you set the dimension of the vehicle right after it is created, shouldn't players see the recently spawned vehicle only in that dimension, providing that you call both functions in the same server frame?

I.e., if you do something like this:

local function spawnVehOnDimension()
setElementDimension(createVehicle(...), 3)

The result I would expect would be that vehicle creation and dimension change occur so fast and one next to another that the vehicle cannot be seen for a "split second" in the zero dimension.

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