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Summary0009412: CEF crashes the client sometimes

Sometimes MTA crashes while a CEF window is active.
Also, sometimes MTA crashes without a Crash-Report or creating a crash dump.

Two crashdumps from two clients with this problem:

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2016-10-03 10:47

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Could it be that the websites you requested tried to open a print dialog?

Also, do you use ajax handlers?


2016-10-03 14:25

viewer   ~~0025282

Print-Dialog, do u mean for a printing a page? No :D

Yes, to synchronise data between CEF and LUA.


2017-02-07 19:54

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Problem is still existent, but since 1.5.3 the crashes has been very increased.

Problem is caused by a CEF-Browser which is used for a smartphone and is running in the background.
In the background the only action that will be executed is AJAX-Handlers with jQuery, i sync the data every few seconds between LUA and JS.

Here are multiple crashdumps from 3 clients.


2017-03-31 01:47

viewer   ~~0025792

Problem is definitly caused by AJAX-Handlers.
After temporary removing AJAX-Functions we had no more crashes.

Used JS-Code:
Used LUA-Code:

Crash is completely random, sometimes with error message sometimes without any message.
When changing the JS-Interval to 50ms it doesn't seems that the crash happens earlier.

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