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0009408New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-06-18 20:54
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Summary0009408: [Request] setVehicleMaxPassengers(int model, int number)

As described it would be nice to (re)add this feature. It was once in MTA but didnt actually change the max passenger seat number, just the number the server "thinks" it has. Thus it caused desync and has been removed.

This could be very useful to make Andromada/Bus with a high passenger count instead of writing a complex script that uses attachements and whatnot.

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2016-10-02 16:29

viewer   ~~0025265

You can easy do it with scripting


2016-10-02 18:56

viewer   ~~0025270

I don't think this suggestion is always easy to script at all. Possible, yes, but not easy.

If you have a 2-door car which gets replaced by a 4-door one, you will have to manually teleport players inside the vehicle, essentially scripting your own car entering system to just use the 2 extra doors, which is a pretty complex task. Of course, if you have a 4-door car which gets replaced by a 2-door one, you only need to cancel the onVehicleStartEnter event to make the deleted doors unusable, and that is trivial indeed.

If this suggestion gets implemented some day, it will surely make things easier for both purposes: adding more passengers to vehicles which have few, and removing passengers for vehicles which have too many. So I look forward to that.

Until then, you can try to only replace cars which have room for lots of passengers, so reducing the passenger count is easy if needed. But you will eventually run out of Buses or 4-door cars to replace.

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