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0009401New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-06-18 20:56
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Summary0009401: [Request] Ability to enable object culling in objects created with createObject

As the summary says, I'm requesting a feature to add object culling to createObject objects. In theory it'll improve draw distance quite a lot by streaming out objects that are not visible on screen. (Hidden by other objects and what not) This may be possible through scripting, but how accurate would it actually be is the issue.

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2016-09-29 01:18

administrator   ~~0025253

I don't think it would improve the performance much as SA's objects are pretty low-poly and doing the required raycasts is probably more expensive then just rendering these low-poly models instead.

Also, bad rendering performance is not really a problem with SA as a 10-year-old game.


2016-09-29 01:22

viewer   ~~0025254

The issue I was speaking of was draw distance,
rendering performance is no issue at all.


2016-09-30 17:44

viewer   ~~0025261

It would make more sense for corona type markers to dirtyfix the problem of their invisibility under some circumstances.

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