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0009382New Feature RequestsGeneralpublic2018-09-22 18:59
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Summary0009382: Add 3D sound function for the browser

It would be nice if there was a function that allows you to play the sound that occurs inside the browser to hear in-game in 3d, similar to playSound3D.
Would that be possible at all?

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2016-09-17 03:32

viewer   ~~0025211

There is the alternative now, of playing the sound if you are within a certain distance, and lowering volume as you get farther away.


2016-09-25 23:51

viewer   ~~0025247

It's not the same. You don't hear the sound to your left or right when you're facing away from it.


2016-09-27 00:24

manager   ~~0025249

I'm guessing this sound is from a video, otherwise you could just playSound3D whatever is in the browser as playSound3D can download files from the Internet.


2016-09-27 00:30

administrator   ~~0025250

Last edited: 2016-09-27 00:31

You should be able to craft your web page carefully and script this by hand. It's a fair amount of work, and would only work with HTML5 video/sound.

  • Develop a custom page with your sound or video embedded.
  • Create a JavaScript API to adjust the HTML5 volume:
  • Expose the Volume functionality to Lua
  • Adjust the volume using typical 3D position checks in Lua script.

As for panning, it's probably unlikely to happen because it really needs a Chrome API to be done.

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