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Summary0009368: [Request]Implenting Open Limit Adjuster into MTA

In general as the summary says; Open limit adjuster should be implemented into MTA making way for bigger maps, fixing streaming issues, etc.

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2016-09-14 03:57

administrator   ~~0025195

There's seemingly some confusion over OpenLimitAdjuster and fastman92 limit adjuster. The latter seems to have more functionality, but is not on github.

The sourcecode can be found within the download itself:


2016-09-14 12:10

viewer   ~~0025197

Oh woops did I link the wrong thing. I thought one I linked said it was fastman92s.


2016-09-15 00:11

reporter   ~~0025204

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Is this even possible "easily"? I guess someone of the MTA team would have implemented this ages ago. There may be a reason why not. Also, MTA:Eir aims to achieve higher limits already.


2016-09-15 00:53

viewer   ~~0025205

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Yes, but EIR stopped development, and there would be no plausible way of using it with a server.

In general alot of people either want something like this implemented, or EIR to be updated, but from what it seams it would be easier to implement something such as this. (That's just what I know)


2016-09-19 23:33

reporter   ~~0025221

There are still some updates in the EIR Fork (last one 19 days ago), however i dont know anything about the progress of it. I still have my hopes up honestly


2016-11-27 06:24

updater   ~~0025441

Someone (fastman92 himself) is now preparing to work on this, see:

Good news as for progress. Let's await and see if his plans stick.


2018-07-22 16:15

administrator   ~~0026811

Preparation for Github move: Either already resolved or won't fix.

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