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Summary0009314: [Request] Make unused object IDs usable

Lots of unused object Ids, that would be extremely helpful for adding new objects, creating new maps, etc without replacing default objects.
I noticed there were unused Ped ids that were put into place, so is it possible to do the same with objects?

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Check the file for list of IDS

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2016-07-31 15:40

viewer   ~~0024999

That's 3459 unused IDs


2016-07-31 16:31

viewer   ~~0025001

Would add alot of possibilities.


2016-07-31 21:24

administrator   ~~0025003

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Where did you grab this list?

The following models don't seem to be valid:
332, 5085, 5091-5103, 5683-19999

Here's the gentable listing for anyone who wants to try it out:


2016-08-01 02:12

viewer   ~~0025004

That list was a direct dump from a free ID generator.


2016-08-03 16:10

viewer   ~~0025010

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This will surely reduce the need for adding new IDs to the game with not so much effort, so I look forward to seeing the objective of this request completed. I think the only thing we really have to care about is assumptions made by the map editor and other scripts, if there are any.


2016-08-04 12:38

manager   ~~0025011

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Most of those unused ID's are now used in MTA 1.6 for the new skins. You need to get a list of ID's that aren't being used by:

Also there are 236 new skin ID's which really is way too much, I highly doubt a server will ever want an extra 236 new skins, I would actually prefer having 100 new skins and 136 new object slots.

Edit: This needs concluding before 1.6 is released, if some of those ID's are to be reserved for new objects instead of having 236 just for skins. Though #8012 kind of affects the use of new object ID's as every mod you apply to an object it randomly bugs (it loses collisions) another object some where in the GTA world.


2016-08-04 15:26

administrator   ~~0025014

I wonder if we can let the server decide how they want to allocate the empty slot.


2016-08-04 18:15

viewer   ~~0025015

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Can we get the ability to either set said ID as skin or object?
--- Didn't read what was up above before I put this ---


2016-08-04 18:18

viewer   ~~0025016

Also I myself have no issue at all with the collisions; and my map consists of thousands of new objects.


2016-08-04 23:05

manager   ~~0025021

This is how the new skins were added:

The main line in that commit being: ModelInfo[ skins[i] ].MakePedModel ( "PSYCHO" );

If there was a RemovePedModel then we could scrap this current implementation and instead allow servers to add the new slots if they want them. Then if the same is done for objects in the future servers will have the most flexibility on what to do with the new ID's.


2016-08-04 23:29

viewer   ~~0025022

There could be a custom function added for changing what type of element said ID is.

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