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0009247New Feature RequestsGeneralpublic2017-06-18 20:56
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Summary0009247: [Request] Ability for client to disable streaming sources

Add setting in client to fully disable accepting streams.They can turn off MTA volume, but that doesn't stop the data from being received, if a script plays them on clients.

For example, on limited data/traffic connection, streams can ruin their bandwith while MTA network traffic is pretty light and efficient.

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MTA is well-playable on a mobile data connection but not when you risk someone suddenly starting to play a stream (near you) loading your bundle.

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2016-05-22 06:39

updater   ~~0024706

It's not only for the named concerns but some players might have net lag when streams play, therefore would like a way to force-opt out of them.


2016-05-22 22:42

viewer   ~~0024707

I suggest naming it somehow like "Limited Bandwidth" or "Mobile connection", not just "disable streams". And players should be informed, that the aditional content which is not required, might not be downloaded.

And create a function for scripters to detect if player has the option enabled (hasPlayerReducedConnection??), so we could reduce also other content in our scripts (do not download unnecessary images or custom skins using fetchRemote, etc)


2016-09-02 03:24

updater   ~~0025123

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