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0009240Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasServerpublic2016-12-14 12:04
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Summary0009240: "minclientversion_auto_update" Not Working Properly

"minclientversion_auto_update" Not Working Properly

minclientversion_auto_update return "1.5.2-9.07975.0" if the value of

minclientversion_auto_update is "1" (delay in few days)

minclientversion_auto_update return "1.5.2-9.07975.0" if the value of

minclientversion_auto_update is "2" (instant)

minclientversion_auto_update should return "1.5.2-9.07981.0" or "


Steps To Reproduce

15 May 2016

From :

version: 1.5
Auto-update default: 1.5.0-9.07345.0
Max recommended/minclientversion: 1.5.2-9.07981.0
Auto-update nightly: 1.5.2-9.07983.0

minclientversion_auto_update should return "1.5.2-9.07981.0"

but it return "1.5.2-9.07975.0"

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2016-05-15 12:10

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"minclientversion_auto_update" Now set minclientversion value to


and it must set minclientversion value to "1.5.2-9.07983.0"

In my mtaserver.conf setting :


NOTE : "2" means update instant.


2016-05-17 20:45

reporter   ~~0024695

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I assume it is working fine now, there was a bug in the MTA server checking update system.

Just make sure you are using latest server version (if linux) in this page:

This feature is working now fine in GTA-AR server, so I confirmed my answer depend after many tests about this issue.

Just grab the version number if you want to do it manually from this page:
Max recommended/minclientversion: 1.5.2-9.07985.0


2016-05-19 19:47

viewer   ~~0024699

The Issue Fixed With "2" (instant)

but "1" (delay few in days) it's return "1.5.2-9.07967.0"

i suggest make value "1" check "; Daily.

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