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Summary0009221: Slightly faster car speed

Well after beeing accused of "speedhacking" I noticed I'm driving faster than anyone else.
I thought it might be cause I locked my game fps with fps_limit to 51 fps and the server got a max rate of 53 fps. but after I removed my fps lock and tested it with some random guy again I still got no problem to overtake him (when accelerating as well as on full speed). It's like driving with 110% of the max speed though it doesn't feel weird.
only other thing I changed lately was to enable nvidia's shadowplay game capture to run in the background.
Still the same after I deactivated it.
Hope we can find the reason for this since it's quite an unfair advantage, especially in time based gamemodes.

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If needed I could record it for better explanation.

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2016-04-19 17:20

viewer   ~~0024627

Do both clients run at the same gamespeed? And, more importantly, does the server you play on modify the gamespeed under certain circumstances?

If your gamespeed is higher than the one other clients play the game with, you can easily conclude what is causing the issue. Furthermore, if the server you play on has a bugged gamespeed-changing script, you can be (almost) 100% sure that is the source of the issue.


2016-04-19 17:29

viewer   ~~0024628

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Well it's not just on that server. It's on every I tried.
How do I check if my gamespeed changed and how do I change it back?

Edit: Yes some deathmatch got gamespeed changing scripts included


2016-04-19 17:41

viewer   ~~0024629

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The easiest method to check if your gamespeed changed, providing that you can't get the value that getGameSpeed() returns in your client, is to compare more speeds with another clients: running speed, swimming speed, animation speed, clock speed...


2016-04-19 18:17

viewer   ~~0024630

But why wouldn't my gamespeed reset to 1.0 after a server reconnect or even a game restart?


2016-04-19 18:50

administrator   ~~0024631

It should reset.


2016-04-19 18:53

viewer   ~~0024632


btw the clock speed seems to be unchanged since I was able to make a 3 seconds faster toptime on a DM map without struggle


2016-04-19 19:11

viewer   ~~0024633

I was talking about GTA's clock, the one that reflects the time of the in-game day and is influenced by setMinuteDuration and gamespeed. Obviously scripts which rely on real time calculations by using getTickCount or getRealTime will work fine, independently from the gamespeed.


2016-04-19 20:18

administrator   ~~0024634

Download and run this:

The copy the content of TimeDriftTest.log to


2016-04-20 13:04

reporter   ~~0024638

Let me ask you a dumb question: Is your GPU/CPU overclocked?


2016-04-20 15:07

viewer   ~~0024639

so here are my results @CCW

@LooooP no. neither my GPU nor my CPU is overclocked


2016-04-21 13:03

administrator   ~~0024641

Download, extract and run and follow the instructions.

Press 'n' when asked.

Post any Pastebin URL MTADiag gives you.


2016-04-21 15:38

viewer   ~~0024642

Alright. These are my results


2016-04-22 20:45

administrator   ~~0024645

Thanks. Now connect to this server and stay connected for 5 mins:


2016-04-22 21:39

viewer   ~~0024646

done so far


2016-04-22 22:31

administrator   ~~0024647

Your client gained an extra 8120 ticks compared to the server. So it seems something in your PC is running fast by 2.7%
Is the time always accurate?


2016-04-23 08:08

viewer   ~~0024648

Hm strange
what time do you mean exactly? the local time on my pc? yes it's always accurate. At least now that I compared it to my mobile phone clock.
But I remember I used /time ingame once and it was already like 18:09:30 while others assured me it's just 18:08:XX for them


2016-04-23 11:39

viewer   ~~0024649

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Had a look on my computer clock and compared the seconds with my mobile phone. and indeed after just 1 minute i had already a difference of round about 2 seconds

I just never noticed that since my clock synchronizes via internet

Edit: ok it's getting weirder. I went into my bios to check if there is a time drift aswell but nothing. it was always in sync with my phone. after i restarted my pc the time drift in windows seems to be gone aswell.
Already checked it ingame. Now I'm driving as fast as everyone else. No idea what caused it yet since I actually didnt change anything

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