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Summary0009213: [Request] Attach object to vehicle component

Title explains it all, allowing you to attach objects to vehicle components, allowing for more in-depth customization of your vehicle. I know it is possible using attachElements but unless a timer is used, or onclientRender is used to pull the position of said part of vehicle every frame, and set the elements position accordingly there's no way to make it accurately stay with the vehicle 'Hood' 'trunk' 'doors' 'wheels' etc.

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AttachElementToVehicleComponent(element,vehicle,component name,x,y,z,xr,yr,zr)

Or add it into attachElements

attachElements(from,to,x,y,z,xr,yr,zr,component -- False or nil if not.)

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2016-05-16 12:27

viewer   ~~0024692

This is possible by using the onClientPreRender event, getVehicleComponentPosition and, if you need to, getVehicleComponentRotation. As you can see, it's not a difficult thing to script, if you have a minimum math knowledge. What advantage would a hardcoded function give over a scriptable approach?


2016-05-16 12:34

reporter   ~~0024693

I use the same approach with render+ setElementAttachedOffsets (vehicle component positions are the correct values for offsets) so it's not a big deal imho.

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