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0009174Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasCEFpublic2016-06-17 01:20
Reportermabako Assigned Tomabako  
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Target Version1.5.3Fixed in Version1.5.3 
Summary0009174: [Request] Functions for CEF forward/backward navigation and reloading the page

While you could technically reload the current page by calling loadBrowserURL, this always performs a GET request - which may or may not be the action you performed at the time of opening the page.

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2016-03-05 14:27

updater   ~~0024497


2016-03-05 14:31

administrator   ~~0024498

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So would this allow b:reloadPage() to do a POST request when reloading if the user submitted a form to get to this page?


2016-03-05 18:39

updater   ~~0024501

Chrome normally shows a dialogbox prompting to make sure you want to submit it again; and there's a flag --disable-prompt-on-repost to skip that dialog box.

I'm not really sure how to pass that to the CEF process though, I've tried to use OnBeforeCommandLineProcessing which is the recommended approach according to the general usage guide on the CEF bitbucket repo.

This would look like if it worked.

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