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Summary0009169: [Request] Replace playSound() by createSound()

I have an idea:

Sound elements are not very easy to handle (particularly with short sounds), are easily destroyed when finished.

The best thing would change playSound by createSound, not auto play and return sound element.

Also it is not destroyed when it finishes!

Something like that:

createSound([bool autoPlay = false, bool loop = false, volume = 1.0] )
(also something similar with playSound3d)

Thanks for your time!

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soundElement:play() :P

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2016-02-27 07:57

viewer   ~~0024476

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I want to correct:

createSound(string soundPath, [bool autoPlay = false, bool loop = false, float volume = 1.0] )


2016-02-27 11:01

viewer   ~~0024477

Why are short sounds difficult to handle? There are plenty of sound events you can use to manage almost everything you would need.


2016-02-28 07:13

viewer   ~~0024489

It could save a lot of code with this small change!

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