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Summary0009152: [Request] Increase maximum streamed in objects

In this request I wish to further increase the above mentioned MTA limit. I already have 3 maps which run into it, causing mayor streaming issues and reduced draw distance. It has been fixed in MTA:Eir a long time ago, maybe it's possible to take it's fully working streamer to replace current MTA blue‘s streamer... I guess a new limit of 4000 objects would be enough, however Eir‘s streamer has no limit as far as I know.

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Create huge, detailed maps and watch the mess:

Additional Information

The one who fixes that issue gets a bounty of 40$, I donate it to if you want.

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2016-02-20 13:18

manager   ~~0024419

MTA object limit is 500 but I did a custom build with higher limit and it manages 650. Eir handles 4000 objects streamed in, though that hasn't been worked on in a year so I doubt it will ever get merged at all. All that needs doing is copying the stuff from the Eir trunk that's to do with streaming as there's a lot of stuff that isn't related or needed.


2016-02-20 15:34

viewer   ~~0024420

I agree that at least a part of the Eir fork should merged with MTA: SA some day. As far as I know, the engine streaming improvements are finished (althrough I don't think it's ready yet to merge, as it might have many bugs left which need fixing due to the lack of a extensive testing). That is, by the way, the main goal of Eir and the feature every gamemode would look forward to most.

Sadly, the last commit in Eir's Assembla repository is from 9 months ago, and The_GTA doesn't seem to be very active in the community - his last visit to the MTA forums was on July 20, 2015 - so this request is kind of paralized at the moment.


2016-02-20 16:42

administrator   ~~0024421

Last edited: 2016-02-20 17:18

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Personally I think it's highly unlikely Eir will ever get "merged" with mtasa-blue. Both repositories have diverged quite a bit and it is impossible to merge now.

For anything from Eir to be in blue, The_GTA would have to rewrite his code on the current codebase.


2016-02-20 20:22

reporter   ~~0024422

Last edited: 2016-02-20 20:26

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arranTuna: Is 650 the absolute limit or did you just use 650 for fun? Would be interesting to max this out if it's really easy like that.
I dont think 650 would be enough for my Berlin map, but it would be enough for Omaha Beach.


2016-02-22 17:40

reporter   ~~0024432

Last edited: 2016-03-24 04:33

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MTA really needs a better object streamer and/or a higher object limit. Race maps have reached this limit too and now it is a pain to run in a map you don't know, objects load too close, you don't have time to realize where you have to go.


2016-03-22 19:59

manager   ~~0024550

650 was an approximate limit, it seemed that each time a slightly different number was reached, it's not the set max that limited it but there are some other variables that couldn't be as easily increased which were reached at around 650 objects.


2016-03-23 04:56

reporter   ~~0024552

Last edited: 2016-03-23 08:58

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ArranTuna: Well 650 would be at least 30% better than 500 if we cant use Eir's streamer from r6305.


2016-03-23 09:47

administrator   ~~0024553

Three numbers were changed when the limit was raised last time:


2016-12-28 14:37

manager   ~~0025584

I doubled these 2:

#define MAX_OBJECTS_MTA 1000 // Real limit is 1200
#define MAX_ENTRY_INFO_NODES_MTA 72000 // Real limit is 72600

And was able to have 900 objects streamed in without problem. When I streamed in 1000 objects my local player and nearby buildings began to randomly appear and disappear.


2016-12-28 23:21

reporter   ~~0025587

Last edited: 2016-12-28 23:25

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900 is pretty damn much. Will you open a pull request for this? I will test this gladly, i have my good old Berlin map still laying around here with 4000 objects :D


2016-12-29 00:01

updater   ~~0025588

Since last increase of some limits, we got this issues with the FarClipDistance, which we never changed since more than one year before:

What I try to say - It's not only set some higher limits, some changes to the streamer are also requiered, I think.


2016-12-29 04:00

administrator   ~~0025589

Since my last comment, the GTA streamer was increased to 1000 objects. MTA uses 500 for standard objects and 500 for low LOD objects.


2016-12-29 12:36

manager   ~~0025590

I saw this yesterday: (Patch: More functions responsible for GTA limits)

The patch itself doesn't do anything but it adds new functions like SetBuildings and SetPtrNodeDoubles so does that mean that if these functions were called with numbers higher than their current, the limits would be increased? Shame there's no SetObjects in that patch.

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