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Summary0009094: [Request] setCursorType

Basicamente la idea es aƱadir la posibilidad de cambiar el tipo de cursor

something like this:

switch from normal (
to this one: (

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2015-12-20 15:41

viewer   ~~0024251

Basically the idea is to add the ability to change the cursor type
sorry for that :)


2015-12-20 17:31

manager   ~~0024252

Can't this already be done with setCursorAlpha(0) then simply display a custom image with dxDrawImage?


2015-12-20 21:59

viewer   ~~0024253

Yes, but why remplace the cursor if you just want to change the type one example is make a dxGUI and make the cursor different type when you are hovering text for example.


2015-12-29 17:20

administrator   ~~0024267

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@arran, also if CEGUI uses the Windows mouse (and not just catching the position and rendering an image in place), there would be very little mouse "lag".

Over at love2d we have a feature like this, called "hardware cursors".

Hardware cursors are framerate-independent and work the same way as normal operating system cursors. Unlike drawing an image at the mouse's current coordinates, hardware cursors never have visible lag between when the mouse is moved and when the cursor position updates, even at low framerates.

(source: , also see

Of course, if CEGUI does not use hardware cursors then this function doesn't need to be created. Using setCursorAlpha and dxDrawImage would be perfectly fine.


2016-01-19 15:18

viewer   ~~0024338

With setCursorAlpha and dxDrawImage you wouldn't be able to draw user skin dependet cursors (i.e. cursors from within the skin folder - CGUI.png) because you don't have access to that folder from within a resource, and even if you did, you wouldn't know which skin was used, so this function and possibly a getCursorType (for when you want to implement your own cursors and want compatibility with gui elements - for example, when resizing a gui element with a custom cursor applied, you would be able to switch the image to a resize one) have their uses.

I'm sorry if this is too hard to understand.

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