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0008918Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasScriptingpublic2015-07-09 22:02
Reportereinheit-101 Assigned ToJusonex  
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Target Version1.5Fixed in Version1.5 
Summary0008918: [Request] setCameraShakeLevel or setPlayerDrunkLevel

Most of us know the effect in GTA SA when the player is drunk (camera swings around, vehicles are harder to control....). I wonder why this hasn't been added to MTA yet.

Additional Information

SAMP already has this, I think there should be an opcode for it.

I searched if this already has been requested but found nothing except forum topics about it.

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2015-07-08 13:12

manager   ~~0023564

Shader and screen source functions already let you do this.


2015-07-08 13:50

administrator   ~~0023567

For later use:


2015-07-08 14:19

administrator   ~~0023568

Opcode 052C:
Sets player+68 to the drunk level (char)
Sets player+69 = 0
and calls CMBlur::ClearDrunkBlur (@0x071D780) which sets the float at 0xB7CB64 to 0.0f

Opcode 03FD:
Calls CPad::SetDrunkInputDelay(CPad* this, int delay) (@0x53F910) which sets CPad+116 to delay.


2015-07-08 16:58

reporter   ~~0023570

Interesting. This could be useful for role play servers or for me using it as sniper sway as long as setPedTargetPosition doesn't work for players. But it would be cool if it was possible to choose whether to enable or disable the color effect.


2015-07-09 21:58

administrator   ~~0023574

Fixed in

as long as setPedTargetPosition doesn't work for players. @ "Client 2"

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