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0008890New issuesClientpublic2016-03-23 14:08
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Summary0008890: Random crashes with no visible reason

My MTA crashes when joining my local test server 1-3 seconds after spawning. Sometimes this happens, sometimes not. There is maybe a 5% chance it crashes and i dont know why.

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Crashes happened with release-7295 but they existed earlier, i am sure (Maybe it was a different reason, random crashes are common things imho)

Here are 2 crash dumps uploaded to my DropBox:

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duplicate of 0009163 resolvedccw Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas setElementModel crash 
related to 0008819 resolvedccw Multi Theft Auto : San Andreas Projectile setElementModel crash 



2015-06-19 19:45

reporter   ~~0023396

CCW I want to mention that I fired no projectiles at the time of the crash. I was on foot right after spawn.


2016-03-23 13:27

reporter   ~~0024554

Close this pls, it looks like the same reason as #9163

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