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0008869New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-06-18 20:54
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Summary0008869: [Request] Ability to load Custom timecyc.dat / effects.fxp / effectsPC.txd / particle.txd.

Ability to load Customize timecyc.dat / effects.fxp / effectsPC.txd / particle.txd.

How to do that ?

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has duplicate 0009322 closed New issues [Reqest] Timecyc.dat support 



2015-05-26 19:14

developer   ~~0023313

For effects textures you can use shaders.


2015-05-26 20:42

viewer   ~~0023315

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I don't like shaders

I want a way to load these files in my server.


2015-07-02 21:14

manager   ~~0023512

Seems like you need to explain your suggestion a bit more and what it's needed for.


2015-07-09 16:25

reporter   ~~0023571

custom effects.fxp could be used to modify the game effects (better than what shaders can do, you could add absolute new and more complex effects instead of replacing old ones)

effectsPC.txd and particle.txd can be done with shaders

I have no idea about timecyc.dat


2015-07-10 07:11

viewer   ~~0023579

@arranTuna , i want ability to load Customize timecyc.dat / effects.fxp / effectsPC.txd / particle.txd.

I need it to Load These Files in my server

Please Don't reply about shaders.


2015-07-10 10:43

updater   ~~0023580

Most things from timecyc.dat also can be done by already existsing functions like setSkyGradient, setFarClipDistance, setFogDistance ... and so on.


2015-07-10 16:41

viewer   ~~0023584

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@StifflersMom , you said "Most" Not "All"

these files : timecyc.dat / effects.fxp / effectsPC.txd / particle.txd

can be used for cheat , also give players unfair advantage.


2017-04-02 22:31

viewer   ~~0025794

Would be nice to have this possibility of loading custom effects, it's way better than shaders.


2017-04-03 11:39

viewer   ~~0025795

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+1 , it useful of custom effects and better than shaders

Also , switch player modified files to default if player cheat or use unfair advantage

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