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Summary0008805: [Request] setPedBonePosition/Rotation

setPedBonePosition/setPedBoneRotation could be a potential solution for custom animations, allowing people to write up a keyframe by keyframe table of values that would then be executed frame by frame on onClientRender through setPedBonePosition/setPedBoneRotation.

If possible, it would also be useful to add a function that would convert IFP to Lua table and vice versa. Otherwise, it would be useful to add a hardcoded function "playAnimation" that would basically do the same as a standard script would, but with an IFP file as the input.

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This would also allow animations that wouldn't necessarily cancel/stop other animations, such as walking with the hands tied behind the back, or pointing at something while playing another animation.

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has duplicate 0009529 closed New issues [Request] SetPedBonePosition 



2015-03-29 23:59

developer   ~~0023141

Related to #5781


2017-01-15 19:35

manager   ~~0025627

By setting the position, do you mean setting an offset from it's default position, or actually forcing that bone to a specific world position? I'm guessing what you're actually requesting is setPedBoneOffset.

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