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0008758New Feature RequestsGeneralpublic2017-09-28 03:18
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Summary0008758: [Request] Ability to set aircraft-blow properties

Crashing with aircraft at high velocity will blowdestruct the model (into fireball/nothing) on collision, I'd like to see a function to disable this property, so the model gets preserved like any other vehicle that blows up.
I really miss this function, it can be used to lift some now-unovercomable limitations such as aircraft blowing up on crashing into water/sea at high speed (always, even setVehicleDamageProof is set) and it could make aircraft with setcollisiondamage to 0 actually resist high speed impact (which similarly, right now doesn't avoid explosion - the only way to avoid land insta-explode is using setVehicleDamageProof like this;

                        --  addEventHandler for onClientVehicleDamage --
                if getVehicleType (source) == "Plane" then
                    setVehicleDamageProof (source, true)
                    setTimer(setVehicleDamageProof, 75, 1, source, false)  -- (timer for aslong the impact into building/ground lasts)

This workaround forces us to void any damage from impact to achieve this (while function such as requested would not void damage, only prevent explosion into nothing) and also that workaround still doesn't prevent sea/water impact explosion. So this feature request could prevent relying on nasty workarounds and remove said limitations.

It can also be useful for realism with interior mods on vehicles, that contain occupants; while a crash could be survivable rather than when in the vehicle as passenger GTA-wise (externally enterable, internal spaces connected to outside air; like shown here

Additional Information

I think that disabling the SA instruction causing the aircraft-type blowup will achieve this, as this would be the only step between fireball/explosion and retaining the full model.

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2017-09-28 03:18

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