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0008739New Feature RequestsGeneralpublic2018-07-08 07:21
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Summary0008739: [Request] onClientElementHitByWaterCannon

I think that it would be better to extend the current event 'onClientPedHitByWaterCannon' by replacing ped with element

The extended event could have vehicles and custom objects or any other element such as marker or colshape triggering the event.

Additional Information

The purpose of this?
Well, i see this mostly useful for vehicles.

Few things that could be done with having this extended event:

1)Cleaning dirtyness from vehicle(s) with a water cannon
2)Doing anything else to the vehicle such as if it's on fire, putting it out, or if car is splashed too much it could "break(?)"

Imagination would be the only limit what couldn't be done with this.

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2018-02-04 14:19: Jayceon (EUR 1)
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2018-02-04 14:33

viewer   ~~0026422

And the onClientElementHitByWaterCannon returns with the hitted element and the hit position, like processLineOfSight.
I tried to reproduce it, but now it is only possible with invisible peds :/

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