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0008724New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-06-18 20:56
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Summary0008724: [Request] Console of server support UTF-8

It's Very useful for other languages same arabic, etc.., to read it with console.

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2015-01-19 17:59

viewer   ~~0022894

If you use Linux server, you can use "tail -10 server.log" command to see last 10 messages, it will work with UTF charset properly.


2015-01-23 12:30

viewer   ~~0022908

i want console of server and logs have support UTF-8


2015-01-23 15:21

viewer   ~~0022909

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We don't care about what you want, AboShanab.
I want so many things to be added. Gallardo commented useful things, yet you can only express what you 'want'.

I foresee this not being added. Do you have a problem with that?
What are you going to do against it? We dont care.


2015-01-25 11:13

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pasta50, you don't need to be that hard with him. He probably can't speak and understand English so well. And it's not his fault. There are more countries in the world than the English-speaking ones, and almost all of them have their native non-English language.

Back on topic, I think UTF-8 should be added on everything in MTA that involves outputting text to the user. ANSI is fairly limited and it can only represent well common characters. However, it is easier said than done, and because it's not that relevant I don't think this will get implemented soon.


2015-01-25 15:56

viewer   ~~0022921

no, i want make server starter support utf-8
MTA Server.exe < this file make it support utf-8


2015-01-26 00:05

viewer   ~~0022922

Try this:


2015-01-26 10:15

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What about linux server ?


2015-01-26 17:49

viewer   ~~0022928

I'm pretty sure console output depends on available server and SSH client charsets. Try playing with locale stuff on your server and client.


2015-01-27 16:29

administrator   ~~0022934

Try starting the server via "LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 ./mta-server" (without quotes)


2015-01-30 16:20

viewer   ~~0022948

@Jusonex : not worked, same problem xd


2015-01-30 22:52

administrator   ~~0022949

Are you able to copy and paste arabic letters? (in case you started the server as mentioned above)

Copy and pasting arabic letters and entering the German umlauts via keyboard works for me at least:

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