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0008719Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasScriptingpublic2018-07-24 04:04
ReporterSeddo Assigned Toccw  
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Product Version1.4 
Fixed in Version1.4 
Summary0008719: setVehicleComponentRotation in

I have a bug in new MTA version with setVehicleComponentRotation function. I have a custom cars on my server, steering wheel is separate object with its own dummy. With setVehicleComponentRotation function i made it rotate left and right. In MTA version it works perfectly, but in new update it is broken. Function rotates object on an X and Y axis, but ignores Z axis.
I think it will be easier to understand what I mean by a picture. Thih bug have all players update to version

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related to 0007421 closed setVehicleComponentRotation has no effect for some vehicle nodes 



2015-01-13 02:58

administrator   ~~0022858

Please try with latest nightly r7013:


2015-01-15 18:41

viewer   ~~0022866

Its working! Thank you very much!


2015-01-16 18:18

administrator   ~~0022868

Fixed in


2015-01-18 01:13

updater   ~~0022883

Last edited: 2015-01-18 01:28

Not fixed. I have problems with my old script.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download test_bug resource:
  2. Download old mta version: (r6815 for example)
  3. /start test_bug
  4. /start freeroam (f1->create->rhino->get in)
  5. You will see a white line.

And now download newest mta version:

Add second argument "base" with "root" ( "root" is not compatible - doesn't help ) to functions getVehicleComponentPosition/Rotation in resource test_bug and follow again steps 1, 2.


2015-01-18 03:55

administrator   ~~0022884

Thanks for the example resource. The problem is before r6974 the component rotations went the wrong way (i.e. opposite to the vehicle rotations). This has been corrected, so you'll have to modify any scripts written before r6974 that use component rotations.

I've updated the wiki with this bombshell.


2015-01-18 21:15

updater   ~~0022890

Last edited: 2015-01-18 21:16

Big thanks to you ccw, now i have rewrited and all works fine. (with tank target - old script)


2015-01-21 19:44

viewer   ~~0022900

i'm trying to set wheels rotation, but dont work, is a bug or what ?


2015-01-21 22:36

developer   ~~0022901

Yes, see #7421

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