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Summary0008701: [Request] Add way to check GTA files checksums

onPlayerModInfo doesn't do job if we wan't use total conversion mods. This event return only data for standard GTA archives like gta3.img and others.

We can't check additional IMG archive or data files like gta.dat, object.dat, IPL/IDE files etc.

Also using onPlayerModInfo we can't check IMG archive checksum. Only files which are in this archive.

Clientside function to check GTA files checksums would be great.

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For glory of total conversions please do something with that. Btw. I think this idea is better than #6347 and static folders for mod files.

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related to 0006347 closed Add support for third party total conversion mods 



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In gta3.img, you can already check this by comparing the checksum of each modified file which is inside it. However, getting the checksum of each file in there is tedious and doesn't pay the effort (unless you script something that does it for you, which shouldn't be that difficult if you know how to use toJSON and setClipboard).

However, I look more forward to get the ability to check the integrity of other data files, like the ones you said. That way, server owners can allow only certain customizations on those files without disallowing all, so it can help a lot creating new gamemodes outside San Andreas.

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