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0008638Source patchesClientpublic2014-11-18 23:12
ReporterarranTunaAssigned ToCazomino05 
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Target VersionFixed in Version1.5 
Summary0008638: Patch for #5715 (giveWeapon for clientside peds) + #7970 (Peds with weapons malfunction)

Currently peds with guns will only work if they're created near you and you don't stream them out. This makes a game mode that relies on shooting peds almost impossible.

This patch stores the amount of ammo a ped is given, so that when you stream them in they will have the ammo.

You can't give weapons to client side peds.

This patch adds "givePedWeapon" client side which is for peds only.

When you join a server, existing peds don't have weapons.

Partial solution:
Using givePedWeapon scripters can now fix this problem by giving the weapon on the client of the new player. Obviously this isn't the best solution but it's a lot better than currently where there is no solution and this is my first real patch so obviously it's not amazing.

Is it tested?
Of course, I've tested every different thing I can think of to test. It works.

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