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0008620Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasServerpublic2015-12-15 19:47
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Target Version1.5Fixed in Version1.5 
Summary0008620: [Request] Add ''reload'' to default startup (mtaserver.conf)

As one of the basic and default-packed resources Reload can be an addition to other basic gameplay resouces to be listed for startup by default and has no turnsides when ran on a gamemode not using weapons, unlike other resources that were kept out for potential said properties.

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If your argument is 'you can just add it', ask yourself why we have an selection of default resources already as that's obvious

ccw said it might be an good idea but its good to open the discussion for opinions on this small but useful addition to mtaserver.conf, what does everyone think?

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2014-11-15 09:30

viewer   ~~0022361

I think adding Reload to the startup list in default mtaserver.conf would be nice. You can find a script to reload weapons in almost any server, so people would expect to be able to reload in your server too, and it doesn't make much difference in the gameplay. I hate needing to shoot at someone with 1 clip ammo left and not being able to reload before the soot.


2014-11-15 17:44

manager   ~~0022376

Well it definitely wouldn't do any harm and when I'm on my default local I'm always pressing R expecting it to reload, which it doesn't.


2015-01-03 13:35

updater   ~~0022789



2015-03-18 08:40

administrator   ~~0023096

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