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Summary0008435: [Request] Possibility to make element non collidable with camera

Just like in title. Why?
1) When I setElementCollidableWith(localPlayer, element, false) element can't collide with my ped but camera still is moving close to object and effect is weird.
2) When I use setElementCollisionsEnabled(element, false) (on only 1 client ofc) ped and camera can't collide. Everything is theorically good but I want to make this element collidable with other players. So other players can collide with this element but local player think these players can't - small desynchronization.

Solution for this problem can be possibility to make element non collidable with our camera, maybe like this:
setElementCollidableWith(getCamera(), element, false)

PS. Yes I know setCameraClip() function and really don't want use this.

Steps To Reproduce

A example with box.
Client 1 (can't collide with box):
Client 2 (can collide with box):

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2014-08-07 20:38

developer   ~~0021679

Also if I use
setElementCollidableWith(element, localPlayer, false)
on attached box, player still can't properly jump. He wants to climb on this object.


2014-11-11 12:56

viewer   ~~0022330

Because the camera is also using the collision, has nothing to do if you ped has no collision with your target element.

There is only:

But you can't choose which elements to ignore, you should request this to control it per element. I am only not sure if the camera has to be reprogrammed to make that happen.

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