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0008391Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2014-08-03 14:47
ReporterDutchman101 Assigned ToCazomino05  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Target Version1.4.1Fixed in Version1.4.1 
Summary0008391: Satchel wrong positioning, introduced in latest proj commits

After last projectile commits (from r6742) throwing satchels will bounce a bit into the surface it's thrown on aka disappear in the ground if thrown on the ground, for example cars, will spawn/stick itself inside the car

To understand what happens see the video

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Reproduction video:

Additional Information

Bug caused by recent commits, present on 1.4-6746 but not on r6741.

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2014-07-31 06:34

updater   ~~0021549

Fixed in


2014-07-31 17:43

reporter   ~~0021569

did you test it and have confirmed it's fixed? I tested it I'd just like a second opinion


2014-08-03 14:43

reporter   ~~0021640

Last edited: 2014-08-03 14:45

You fixed it, works perfectly. This satchel fix offers some options for my upcoming resource i did not thought about earlier. I thought this issue is not fixable. But surprise!
8020 remains as the last obstacle :D

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