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Summary0008367: [Request] Add ability to change CJ's body parts' models

You can change CJ's clothes textures (, but unfortunately you can't change his's body parts' models like legs.dff, neck.dff etc.
I tried using "legs" or "neck" for the second argument of the engineReplaceModel function, but it doesn't work.
My suggestion is to be able to also change the models for his body parts.
This isn't something urgent but it would be awesome.

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2014-07-20 11:41

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I tried to replace CJ bodyparts and clothes .dff a while ago but the client crashed. I tested it in singleplayer and also crashed. I'm not sure if it's because a missing model for muscular/fat CJ, because the mod it's corrupt or because I just replaced the wrong files, but it seems difficult (maybe impossible?).

However, if we somehow manage to do this, the possibilities will be endless. We will be able to create and customize characters from stratch with aid of scripting, not just changing the skin. I support this.


2014-07-20 11:59

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That's why I want this added.
I'm currently working on a DayZ Mod (from scratch) and I tought about the DayZ Standalone clothes system. I want to recreate it in MTA, but I'll need to be able to change the .dffs first.

I just replaced some of the player.img files and ran my MTA server and everything seems to work fine, no crashes. I guess your files were corrupt or something (note that the files I replace only had models for no muscle and no fat, and when I replaced CJ's stats and added muscle there still was no crash even tough there were some weird spacings and you could see inside the skin).

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