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0008314Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasClientpublic2014-06-28 14:57
ReporterGengar Assigned ToCazomino05  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Target Version1.4Fixed in Version1.4 
Summary0008314: MTA crashing with smoke grenades

I was trying to make resource where vehicle drops 9 smoke grenades if unauthorized person tries to enter vehicle using function createProjectile client side. Vehicle throws smoke grenades, but they don't release any smoke. Further more, if I am in radius of 5 meters from smoke grenades, my MTA crashes.

Steps To Reproduce

Crash happens if you are in radius of 5 meters from location where vehicle drops smoke grenades, or if you try to approach dropped smoke grenades from further distance.

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2014-06-28 00:47

administrator   ~~0021157

How is the vehicle dropping smoke grenades?


2014-06-28 00:52

viewer   ~~0021158

Last edited: 2014-06-28 00:58

I am using this function client sided:
and this function server sided:

Made further testing, crash only happens if I am approaching smoke grenades on foot. If I am inside vehicle which threw smoke grenades, I can see smoke and my MTA doesn't crash.


2014-06-28 00:58

updater   ~~0021159

Provide crashdumps (Programfiles > MTA San Andreas 1.3 > MTA > Dumps > Private >

and in MTA dir the core.log last entry of it (crash info)


2014-06-28 01:08

viewer   ~~0021160

This is what I have in Dumps > Private:
If I understood correctly, you need this file:

And here is core.log:


2014-06-28 01:11

administrator   ~~0021161

We need the crashdump for this exact crash. That's most likely the latest crash from today. You sorted the crashdumps by name, and not by creation date.


2014-06-28 01:14

viewer   ~~0021162

Sorry about that, this one should be correct one:


2014-06-28 01:34

viewer   ~~0021163

Some further testing showed that MTA crashes only when I approach on foot in smoke range to smoke grenade which was created using function createProjectile(). That doesn't happen with smoke grenades I give myself with admin panel.


2014-06-28 13:00

reporter   ~~0021170

only happens when the source is a vehicle


2014-06-28 13:12

viewer   ~~0021171

I only tried createProjectile() function with vehicle as source. There are no crashes with rocket launcher and heat seeking rocket launcher (projectile ID 19 and 20). I haven't tried any other besides those 3.


2014-06-28 13:31

reporter   ~~0021172

issue is in 1.3.5 as well


2014-06-28 14:57

reporter   ~~0021173

fixed in r6618 -

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