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0008311Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasVehiclespublic2014-07-11 01:05
ReporterW Assigned ToCazomino05  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Target Version1.4Fixed in Version1.4 
Summary0008311: [1.4] custom vehicle sirens not working correctly

Vehicle sirens do not work correctly on 1.4:

here's a sample test resource:
it spawns a fire truck at grove street, removes default sirens and adds custom ones.
This code works perfectly on 1.3.5, but not on 1.4, vehicle sirens are:

sometimes lost during play,
sometimes lost after /reconnecting to server
sometimes they do not work right from the /connect
sometimes they aren't set after resource /restart
sometimes they don't work until mta is restarted

Steps To Reproduce
  1. launch 1.4,
  2. load this resource,
  3. connect to server,
  4. go to gs (/sp 2480 -1660 14)
  5. check sirens
  6. reload resource/reconnect/restart mta
  7. goto 5
Additional Information

Probably related to:

This was tested under:
1.3.5 r6578 - works perfectly
1.4 r6598 64bit - bug occurs
1.4 r6599 32bit - bug occurs

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related to 0008309 closedccw Crash at connect. 



2014-06-26 21:19

viewer   ~~0021142

the bug occurs also under windows server.


2014-06-30 12:38

manager   ~~0021185

Using v1.4-release-6619 I did:

Restarted the resource 3 times: no bug
Reconnected 3 times: no bug
Restarted MTA 3 times: no bug


2014-07-10 20:29

administrator   ~~0021311

Was able to reproduce this bug every reconnect.

Used Windows 32 bit 1.4 r6663 server and client.
Tested with the supplied resource


2014-07-10 23:28

updater   ~~0021313

Fixed in

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