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0008257New Feature RequestsGeneralpublic2017-06-18 20:57
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Summary0008257: [Request] setFriendlyTeam / friendlyfire for > 2 teams

Function like that (setFriendlyTeam) can be usefull to make multiple teams be invulnerable to eachother.

For example: setFriendlyTeam(team1,team2)

so then, for example on DM modes we could make team1 (defence) friendly
with team2 (protect-this-team; minister/president)

also it would be usefull for other applications of the function

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2014-06-07 19:57

viewer   ~~0020977

Such a function is not really needed as you can simply script it by cancelling onClientPlayerDamage.


2014-06-08 08:24

viewer   ~~0020979

You can yeah, but onClientPlayerDamage last time I checked doesn't cancel the effects, for example I think when I tested it, players could still knock people over by kicking them, which isn't really good


2014-06-08 12:35

manager   ~~0020980

And the MTA friendly fire thing doesn't have the same effect? I'd imagine that they both cancel onClientPlayerDamage


2014-06-08 12:46

viewer   ~~0020981

Last edited: 2014-06-08 13:47

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As far as I'm aware it doesn't although I haven't tested it for a while, I will try and test it later

Edit: Just tested and it seems cancelling onClientPlayerDamage doesn't stop the effect of getting knocked down but when on the same team with friendlyFire false it does


2014-06-08 19:19

manager   ~~0020983

I'm surprised by that, a better suggestion than this would be to have that functionality available in onClientPlayerDamage's cancellation.


2014-06-08 19:27

viewer   ~~0020984

When friendly fire is disabled your bullets basically disappear in them, instead of hitting you with no damage, maybe a different event for that could be made?


2014-06-12 03:53

updater   ~~0020992

I agree that if you 'script' fix it you will never get it working to the full extent of the Friendlyfire functions: knocking over, stealth kills (knife), bullets do hit and only the damage is cancelled.

Still it would be nice to have full friendlyfire functionality to be set between teams, as stuart said cancelling the damage is just a small part of its functionality


2014-06-12 12:21

manager   ~~0020994

Steal kills have their own event which you can cancel before the steal kill event starts.


2014-06-14 06:36

reporter   ~~0021019

This has been posted in MTA San Andreas, please in future post in new issues so that the issue is not lost.



2014-06-18 00:14

updater   ~~0021047

@ Arran, yes but it would be working around just 1 of the features the Friendlyfire function has in an attempt to simulate its effects between teams, for example also bullet hits (friendlyfire: bullets will simply disappear in peds and scripted cancelling damage will have collision) and I guess some more

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