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0008238Multi Theft Auto : San AndreasServerpublic2014-05-18 23:23
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Summary0008238: guiScrollPaneGetVerticalScrollPosition returns a wrong value

I'm working with 'guiScrollPaneGetVerticalScrollPosition' which doesn't return the value precisely. The wiki says; "Returns a float ranging between 0 and 100, or false otherwise.", I would say that it is 0% at the beginning ( which is true ) but I never reach 100% ( the end always sums up something else while increasing the elements in it ).

Steps To Reproduce

Just move the scrollbar and check the position now and then

Additional Information

I wrote a small script which is using a dxDraw to output the position, you can use it to see what's wrong ( in my eyes, file also attached );

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duplicate of 0003484 resolvedJusonex guiScrollPaneGetVerticalScrollPosition returns strange and stepped values 



2014-05-18 23:22

administrator   ~~0020915

This was fixed in but not (yet) backported.

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