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Summary0008234: [Request] Implement Cull Creation

Cull's from the IPL definition have a variety of uses. "Creates rainfree zones, wastefree zones, map reflections, TV screens, and temporary camera movements."

They have a lot of potential for changes.

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2014-05-14 23:48

developer   ~~0020886

As I'm said on forum CULL propably will not be useful for live screens. 8 track stadium jumbotron is hardcoded (only area which define where it turn on can be modified but move screen/camera isn't possible). Still good thing to make mirrors but I would rather some function to make another camera and posibility to grab her screen, ex.
cam = createCamera(0, 0, 4)
screenSrc = dxCreateScreenSource(600, 800)
addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function() dxUpdateScreenSource(screenSrc, cam) dxDrawImage(0, 0, 600, 800, screenSrc) end)
By this function should be possible make live screens and mirrors (with working antyaliasing unlike in CULL).


2014-05-14 23:51

manager   ~~0020887

sbx320 and Jusonex have already played with culls a bit and from what they and myself have seen, fairly optimistic we will get a lot of the features of cull.


2014-05-14 23:54

administrator   ~~0020888

cull creation has already been implemented in a personal build to create mirrors, I don't think I should post the screenshot yet though (not my build / screenshot). It works pretty well by the looks of it.


2014-05-15 00:07

developer   ~~0020889

What about TV screens?


2014-09-02 17:06

viewer   ~~0021920

Any updates on this? I'd really like to see this in use :p


2014-09-03 16:40

developer   ~~0021939

If it work why there no branch yet?


2014-09-03 17:00

administrator   ~~0021940

The "personal build" qaisjp mentioned only consists of a few (static) tests:

Implementing cullzones as scripting feature would require a bit more effort (e.g. adding real MTA elements to represent SA cullzones), but might be worth the effort in the future.


2014-09-04 12:36

manager   ~~0021944

Would this make a visual portal possible? What I mean is rather than a walking into a shop and having no idea who's inside aiming at the door waiting to kill you, there could be one of these culls which shows you what's inside.


2014-09-04 14:32

administrator   ~~0021946

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No, that is not possible without further investigation. Cullzones are either mirrors or special zones like rain-free zones (See

Creating portals would also only work if the counterside is streamed in. To implement something like this, I'd try enabling the other cameras (GTA manages at least 3) rather than adding hacky patches to cullzone mirrors.


2014-11-20 19:40

developer   ~~0022533

Any news?


2016-12-08 03:18

viewer   ~~0025477

Any thing on the rain removing side of things?


2016-12-08 14:50

developer   ~~0025478

Try colshapes + setRainLevel.


2016-12-11 16:34

viewer   ~~0025489

Well rain removing / water removing (By example I mean tunnels under water)

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