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Summary0008231: [Request] Add a Refresh Rate option in MTA settings

Allow the players to change their screen refresh rate in the Video settings tab, just like most games have.

As it is right now, GTA SA seems to prefer 60hz over anything.
If your monitor has 50,60 and 75Hz refresh rate options, GTA SA will choose 60Hz.

In my Nvidia control panel (331.82) I have the option to either let the application choose the refresh rate, or force the maximum refresh rate possible in my monitor.
However, I don't think many users have that option in their driver control panels - might be tied to a few monitor models (stupid).

If you customize your monitor driver and remove every refresh rate BUT one, it will use the only one available. While this is a workaround, it is very hacky, not user-friendly and limits refresh rate options for other games and applications.

Higher refresh rates, even with the FPS capped, will display less motion blur if the monitor is capable of doing so, which makes fast twitches less blurred.

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2014-05-10 23:37

manager   ~~0020857

Just thought I'd say that: Around 40% of MTA players don't even have the intelligence to raise their screen resolution from the default 800x600, being able to change screen refresh rate would only be understood and used by a very small percentage of players and the benefit of being able to raise it to 75hz is low and how many screens support 75hz anyway?


2014-05-11 00:50

viewer   ~~0020859

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You'd be surprised by the amount of monitors that support 75Hz.
There's a good difference between 60hz and 75Hz.
Also, many 60Hz monitors "unofficially" support it too, without a single issue.


2014-05-11 11:30

viewer   ~~0020861

Less blur, but more GTA related problems like slower swimming and movement glitches.


2014-05-11 11:32

viewer   ~~0020862

Grafu, that's FPS, I don't think those bugs have anything to do with refresh rate.


2014-05-11 11:55

manager   ~~0020863

Higher refresh rate is only useful when the game has higher FPS though and higher game FPS means more GTA frame rate bugs. Depends what servers have it set to though. I'd imagine most use either the default: 36. Or since there is no need to go higher: 60. Or for servers that aren't aware of the problems of having such a high FPS, the maximum: 100.

If MTA supported 75hz then some players would ask server owners to increase the FPS limit to 75 which would make the GTA frame rate bugs worse.

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