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Summary0008226: Latency reduction: Strange crouching and sliding animation bugs

When latency_reduction is set to 1 sometimes players will slide instead of moving their feet. The worse bug though is that when a player is aiming sometimes it looks like they keep trying to crouch and then stopping and standing up again multiple times a second. This also happens when they're crouched, it looks like they keep trying to stand up.

I've made a 12 second video which first shows someone shooting at me and doing this weird crouch, uncrouch, crouch thing. It then shows them sliding towards me:

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2014-05-05 15:21

reporter   ~~0020843

Hmm. What MTA build? You can hit him, when he in the bug or no?


2014-05-05 16:15

manager   ~~0020845

MTA:SA Server v1.3.5-release-6347
Multi Theft Auto v1.3.5-release-6367

I think they're still hittable when they have this bug, except in that video.

I don't use latency reduction now after realising that it's what caused it.


2014-05-05 19:32

updater   ~~0020846

I'm not sure if it's related, but I know of an bug where in 70% of all attempts to crouch, you can't, while using 10x speed. It gives the same idea of looking at what happened in your video Arran, with the crouching/stand-up.


2014-05-05 19:49

manager   ~~0020847

Last edited: 2014-05-05 19:50

GTA SA gets really buggy with animations when you change speed of the game though. This is with standard speed and 60 FPS.

Though it could be a similar problem to:


2014-05-06 01:26

viewer   ~~0020851

Psst... setGlitchEnabled("fastfire", true)

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