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0008205New Feature RequestsGeneralpublic2017-06-18 20:57
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Summary0008205: [Request] Add option to see server resources size in server browser

it is nice to see server resources size Beside server name

and see "Online Admins" beside server resources size

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2014-04-24 21:11

viewer   ~~0020752

Resource size, I could think is useful. Online admins, not really.


2014-04-24 21:18

viewer   ~~0020753

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i means Number of admins , not admin names

i think it is useful

like that

Moderator : 9

SuperModerator : 7

Admin : 5

Console : 1

  • Each group has a different color from the other

if server browser can't get admins in other acl groups

simply get permissions

For example, if the player has a permissions for


This is an admins Without any controversy

and the other acl groups called : other acl groups

also search servers by ping , gamemode and map could be nice.


2014-04-24 21:21

viewer   ~~0020754

yes very much needed also need createGamemodeRace() bcaus i not know how script

... please, where does it end?


2014-04-24 21:24

manager   ~~0020755

The server browser could make use of maybe, like when you select a server and it shows player list it could rule values too.


2014-04-24 21:26

viewer   ~~0020756

@Remi-X , i don't understand you


2014-04-27 19:11

administrator   ~~0020787

@ALBANDER, online admins shouldn't be created because in most servers the ACL system is not used and a custom MySQL account system is used.

@arranTuna -> you mean like a little hover tooltip that shows a gridlist of rule values on the hover of a selected server?


2014-04-27 20:17

manager   ~~0020790

I don't know the best way to display rule values, but the system definitely works as I just added a test rule and picked it up:

"Test rule 100"

Servers could choose what information to display, like whether or not vote map/kick/ban is enabled, online admins, game modes, etc.


2014-04-28 00:11

viewer   ~~0020797

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so arranTuna :

reply for this :

"Servers could choose what information to display, like whether or not vote map/kick/ban is enabled, online admins, game modes, etc"

replay :

i mean show online admins in server browser , without join server to see online admins

and show server resources size in server browser (beside server name)


2014-04-28 00:41

viewer   ~~0020798

Agreed with arranTuna, make setRuleValue work.
in the player list?


2014-04-28 00:48

administrator   ~~0020799

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ALBANDER, we have given you an appropriate response but it doesn't seem that you can comprehend what we are saying. In simple terms, ALBANDER: NO. We won't do it. But we can make it possible for you to do it.

@FabioGNR, good idea


2014-04-28 01:41

updater   ~~0020800

I don't want to blow up this report - But what about the resource size, if an external http server with gzip compression is used? The resource size says nothing about the real download.
Agreed with qaisip.


2014-04-28 01:58

viewer   ~~0020801

This is not a good idea as it would mean that all servers would have to use default resources and built-in ACL and account system to show that info. Many servers don't use them, for example i don't so it wouldn't show much. It wouldn't work.


2014-05-02 21:28

viewer   ~~0020822

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Why not good idea ? , do you want that server browser stay without new features ?

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