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0008198New Feature Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-06-18 20:57
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Summary0008198: [Request] Server browser: reset sorting

Currently if you sort servers on as example playercount, version or ping, you need to restart MTA in order to remove selection/sorting. Maybe it's good to have an button/option to reset sortings in server browser.

Additional Information

Sortings are separated in persistence, Favourites/Local/Recent/Internet are separated so if you sort as example in Internet/all servers once, only that is affected by permanent sorting until restarting MTA (other tabs aren't affected by any sorting that moment)

You can overwrite sorting however, but will never get back to random load (without any sorting) until restarting MTA at the moment.

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2014-04-27 22:56

manager   ~~0020795

If you want to reset sorting just sort by ping.


2014-04-27 23:02

updater   ~~0020796

How do you think that resets sorting? No, it doesn't and it will be sorted by ping then (so its still sorted)


2014-04-28 03:26

administrator   ~~0020803

What would be the advantage of an unsorted server list?


2014-04-28 03:53

updater   ~~0020804

Server ranking/position you're used to as if you didnt sort yet... If you sort once you need to restart MTA to get random load again.


2014-04-28 18:30

viewer   ~~0020807

This really needed, not only for server browser but for the grid list generally.


2014-04-28 23:37

manager   ~~0020808

What I meant by sorting by ping for randomness was that it wouldn't be name or game mode sorted, it'd simply be random servers, ones which you're more likely to be able to play on as you'd see low ping ones first.

Spotify (as an example) allows you to sort columns ascending and descending and if you click on it a third time it resets back to normal which I think is the best way to do this, so really this is a suggestion about changing CEGUI and not the server browser.


2014-06-18 00:10

updater   ~~0021046

I agree arran, though it has no priority for now it'd be a good addition to CEGUI


2014-09-18 19:57

updater   ~~0022030

maybe idea to unsort it on 3rd click? (sort increase, sort decrease and then unsort?)

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